Vertex Spa and Beauty Clinic


Vertex Spa and Beauty Clinic is a one-stop destination for Spa and Aesthetic Therapy. We major in treatment of different skin issues with minimal recovery time and other aesthetic procedures using safe and modern technology. We offer non-invasive treatments and regenerative therapy which allows the body to heal naturally. Our unique combination of Spa services, Skin analysis lab and cosmetic therapy, makes us an ideal destination for beauty experience.

We offer various types of laser therapies like lipo-laser fat reduction, tattoo removal, laser hair therapy. We also offer massages in variety of styles like deep tissue work and reflexology.

 Our Mission 

Our mission is to run a profitable business by providing deluxe aesthetic and spa services in a serene, client friendly and professional environment.

 Our Goal 

Our goal is to ensure client satisfaction. We pay close attention to our client overall experience using only product of high quality for our services.



Number 7 Kolo Close Kado Estate Abuja (333.42 mi) Abuja, Nigeria