Toss creations


Toss creations is a registered company under the corporate Affairs commission licensed to sell and produce handcraft unisex footwear and accessories using leather and indigenous materials. We help individuals who have problem getting their right shoe size in the market to do so by working with their specifications and making their desired style come to reality. Our footwear are crafted with genuine material and attention to finishing is paramount such that we can compete with the foreign brand. We take your style a notch higher.


We are the Nigerian company, which hands down shoe manufacturing experience from generation to generation. We may proudly tell that all stages of shoe manufacturing process take place in Nigeria. We are a company, whose priority is customers’ satisfaction and constant development. Toss Creations creates shoes with best quality leather, which is trimmed according to our own technologies. Thanks to the careful choice of shoemaker’s and designer’s lasts, they are tailored to every single foot. Use of natural materials inside lets Customers enjoy shoes, which really breathe. Toss Creation is one of the most recognizable and highly classified shoe brands in the market. It is confirmed by the annual rankings.


  • Accessories


190 Adetola St, Aguda Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria