The Threshold School



We realize that the change from primary school to college is not an easy one for both children and their parents. We know that transition is most effective when there is a strong collaboration between the pupils’ primary school, their parents, guardians and the college.

With that in mind and having listened to feedback from parents, we introduced a new role to The Threshold College in the capacity of a Transition Director which has been saddled with the responsibility of conducting the transition process with your children as the key focus.

We enjoy excellent links with other primary schools and carry out a focused programme of support for all years 5 & 6 pupils which help them as they prepare for the big move to college.

We invite parents and guardians to the Threshold College for an informal chat about their child, giving them the opportunity to share any academic issues concerning their child with us.

In the summer term of year 6, every pupil joining The Threshold College is invited to attend a 3 taster days to sample a typical college time-table. To compliment this and further smooth transition process. We also run a year 6 summer school and a year 7 team building/leadership trip to eventful places.

We have expanded the transition process to include year 5 pupils, involving them in various workshops and activities of The Threshold College. Year 7 pupils are strongly supported throughout their first year at The Threshold College by Pastoral Staff.

We encourage parents to contact us with any concern they may have around their child starting at The Threshold College.


No. 10 King Gboms Close, Off Louis Drive, (by Algate Hotel), Sani Abacha, GRA Phase 3. Port Harcourt, Nigeria