Le Look is a socially-conscious fashion brand that offers women’s accessories (handbags, cosmetic bags, clutches and iPad cases) and apparel.

The desire to engender pride in our rich, African heritage and to revive rare, artisanal fabrics inspired us.

We envisioned a brand that celebrated and honored African tradition—but through a lens that is distinctive, modern, and quality. It had to be bold. It had to be extraordinary. It had to be…Le Look. And so, here we are.

Our philosophy is simple—Do Well, Do Good. We source local fabrics and local craftsmanship to create affordable, luxurious and fashionable African pieces which will enable us to give back to the communities that we reflect and serve. We’re evolving, we’re thriving, and true our roots, we’re seeking to place a daring and passionate stamp on the marketplace. That is our future.

Today, Le Look is a brand. Le Look is a culture. Le Look is a voice.


53 Lawson Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria