DO.II Designs Ltd.


Our Vision

“To make your spaces come alive”

Our Mission

“To transform lives by beautifying spaces in which people can live and work better.”

Brand Promise

“We guarantee quality products and excellent pre and after sales service ensuring a stress-free and seamless customer experience.”

The DO.II Culture

At DO.II Designs, we are people who love beautiful pieces and spaces. Your space is powerful and the blueprint of your life. A well designed home or office never goes out of fashion, it is timeless.

Everyday we challenge ourselves to create elegant, functional but stylish interiors. We customize and we accessorize. We do it all; design, manufacture, market, deliver and install. We set the standards for luxury pieces and spaces but also understand the need for the attainable but well designed options, we strongly believe that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”.

Our Story

DO.II Designs Ltd. focuses on furniture manufacture, interior design, space planning and turn-key remodeling projects for the high-end residential, property development, hospitality and corporate market.


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642D Akin Adesola Street (1.30 mi) Lagos, Nigeria