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Business from time transcends beyond one’s immediate environment and customers. Today JollyFinder provides you with basic tips on building your business identity. Gone are the days when businesses were one shop with just a physical location. Today the world has become a global village and except you are a petty trader with no vision for expansion or influence, then one should leverage the vast possibilities of the internet and online presence generally for your business. On our list today, we provide 4 basic necessities for intending, start- ups or existing businesses.

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA: Experience has shown that businesses with active social media presence garners more exposure compared to one without. Despite this awe-inspiring fact, it is still of great wonder that you see 21st century businesses with no presence online. Gone are the days when one had to go to a cyber café to open a Facebook account; today you can do this from the comfort of your balcony with your legs crossed and a cup of coffee by you, what’s even amazing is that it is absolutely free to create and it takes less than 30 minutes to get it all set up, be it a Facebook, instagram, twitter or LinkedIn account and you’re open to thousands and even millions of potential customers.

Creating social media account is important, updating your account with relevant, latest information on your business regularly is “importanter”. It’s your space, OWN IT.


  1. LOGO: Picture this scenario; when you see graphics of an apple with a bite online, what comes to mind – you guessed right!! The company “apple”. In 1984, apple decided to remove its name from its logo, why, because the tech giant decided that its symbol/logo had become famous enough to represent the apple brand on its own. The power of a logo. Reference could also be made to the tick, check sign that represents NIKE. The importance of a logo therefore cannot be overemphasized. Your logo – your identity. Get a logo today and put a trademark to that business.


  1. CONTACT: Often times, I’ve called the numbers on the contact page of some businesses and it’s switched off, even more appalling is that it stays off for the next 24 hrs – one client gone. Get a contact for your business that’s 24/7 active. Your contact is as good as your business, what’s the use of a beautifully placed business in Abuja if a customer from Kano cannot reach you for your services – no use right? Get at least 2 mobile lines, dedicated mobile lines and a customized mail like [email protected].


  1. WEBSITE: What’s in a website, a lot; your business profile, contact, services, gallery and even social media buttons. A website also helps you establish credibility as a business. With over 2.2 billion people online, the world has developed a stress free means of finding products, services and professionals and what happens when you don’t have a site online, you’re left out.

Businesses should grow beyond a means of survival, it should be a medium to creating a lasting legacy and to impact. And as Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company rightly said – “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”.


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